Wen's 123 Cleaners

Wash-Dry-Fold Service

An easy and affordable way to get your everyday laundry washed and back to you fresh and clean.

We sort your colors, whites, and delicates and handle your items gently to keep them looking their best. You have your choice of scented or unscented detergents, having your whites bleached (or not!). Hot, warm or cold water. Low, medium or high temperature.

You’ll be asked for all your preferences when you drop off your laundry bags or when you schedule your first pickup.

Whether it’s clothing, sheets and towels (linens), blankets, comforters, and even larger items like sleeping bags and throw rugs, you can depend on us to get your laundry done.

We charge $1.00 per pound with 16 pound minimum for drop off orders. $1.75 per pound with $30 minimum for pickup orders.

Comforters, blankets, throw rugs, etc. will be charged by piece.

Most drop off wash-fold orders will be ready the next day or a specific day you requested.

We offer same day wash-fold service as well. If you drop off before 10:00am, it will be ready by 5:00pm.